File Extension File Type Popularity
EPUB Open EBook Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How to open EPUB file?


A person using e-books, whether reading books on an e-reader or using a desktop/mobile e-book software, sooner rather that later will come across EPUB files. Microsoft EDGE web browser supports this format natively. Other web browsers require installation of dedicated plugins to open EPUB files. Many software e-book readers are available for most operating systems that offer more comfortable EPUB file reading. MacOs offers a very good e-book reader application called Books.

Using a mobile device is the most comfortable way to enjoy e-books. Many dedicated d-book devices, called e-reader, are available on the market. E-readers can be divided into two categories:

  • Portable e-reader devices (tablet form) – such devices offer back-lit touch panel and are similar to classics tablet devices.

  • ePaper readers – their screens closely resemble paper, are not back-lit, and consume very little power (and only when switching pages).

EPUB files can be used on both type of devices. The format is very popular and e-reader producers to stay competitive have no choice but to support this format. The only exception is the Kindle series of e-readers.

User can also use their smartphones for reading e-books. Android users can download Google Play Books e-book app that can be configured to open EPUB files downloaded from the internet or sent via email. Iphone users, however, have access to iBooks (also called Apple Books) app installed by default on their smartphones (it can also be downloaded from App Store).